William R Koehler was the Chief Animal Trainer for  Walt Disney’s Studio for more than 21 years. His professional experience dates back to Junior High School  days. 
A lifelong love for dogs, and the ability to put common sense into effective practice - these have been combined by Bill Koehler into training methods that make him a giant among dog trainers.
His credentials are impressive and authoritative - U.S. Army K-9 Corps Instructor; Training Director for the world's largest dog club; author of a comprehensive series of top-selling books on dog selection, training and management and development; recipient of numerous awards from the 
American Humane  Association, the Dog Writer's Association of America and many other groups devoted to the well-being of companion animals in our society.
An innovative - and sometimes controversial trainer, Koehler developed effective programs to train receptive dogs and devised ways to correct problem animals that would have otherwise been destroyed. He was famous for being able to communicate with both owners and dogs. Over 140,000 dogs had been trained under his supervision since 1946, and at least  a half a million more were trained through the use of his 'Koehler Method' books for every Obedience and Guard Dog levels.
Bill Koehler personally handled the training of such famous award-winning actors as 'Asta' in MGM's The thin Man, Bullet for Roy Rogers' Productions, all but one of Disney's big dog features including The Incredible Journey, Big Red, The Shaggy Dog, The Swiss Family Robinson, Toby Tyler, The Ugly Dachshund, Savage Sam, and Boomerang, Dog of Many Talents. He also trained ' Wildfire' and furnished a cast of 178 dogs for 'It's a Dog's Life.'

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